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Cathedral School Faculty and Staff

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Msgr Gerard O’Connor Rector
Mrs. Amy Biggs Principal

Mrs. Katy Muth Assistant Principal

Mrs. Jennifer Overbay Business Manager

Mrs. Susan Hatley Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Valarie Marrs Receptionist

Mrs. Kiki Hanover Marketing and Development Coordinator

Mr. Jim Russell Maintenance

Ms. Joanne Cavill Pre-Kindergarten

Ms. Fernanda De Clercq Pre-Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Kate Gobel Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Stacy Murphy Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Miss Hanna Knouf 1st Grade

Mrs. Molly Campbell 1st Grade Instructional Assistant

Miss Megan McCool 2nd Grade

Mrs. Lacey Odenthal 2nd Grade Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Ingrid Trachtenbarg 3rd Grade

Miss Madison Dodson 3rd Grade Instructional Assistant

Ms. Lauren Anneberg 4th Grade

Mrs. Tracy Niedermeyer 4th Grade Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Sara Dalton 5th Grade

Miss Tatum Marrst 5th Grade Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Megan Aguon 6th Grade, Middle School Social Science, 6th Grade Math

Mrs. Katy Muth 6th Grade, 7th and 8th Grade Math

Mr. Mitch Overley 7th Grade, Middle School Language Arts

Mrs. Holly Ficklin 8th Grade, Middle School Math

Mrs. Holly Frank 8th Grade, Middle School Science

Mrs. Shelby Walker Spanish Specialist

Mr. Joe Nadalsky P.E. and Health Specialist

Mrs. Barb English Music Specialist, Middle School Religion

Miss Natalie Mecham Media Specialist

Mrs. Nicole Selis Art Specialist