Cathedral School welcomes our students with respect for who they are and with delight in what they will bring to the world and our school community. From our dedicated faculty to our innovative academic, spiritual, and leadership initiatives, to our beautiful facility, our comprehensive Catholic school program is designed to inspire, nurture, and support students. Cathedral School is committed to helping all young people grow and maintain healthy bodies and active intellects. We want our students to enjoy an active life therefore we emphasize collaboration, inclusion, and skill development in all our programs. Music, sports, community service, and many more opportunities help further the development of our students as they discover their own passions and interests.

cathedral school program


Cathedral School implemented a 1:1 iPad program during the 2011-2012 school year. The 1:1 environment utilizes technology as a tool to enhance teaching and improve learning. Apple technology has enabled Cathedral School to become a leader of innovative education in the Portland area as well as an Apple Distinguished School.

What is an Apple Distinguished School?

Cathedral School joins less than 470 schools that Apple is recognizing nationwide as exemplary learning environments and centers of innovation, leadership, and educational excellence.  The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for schools that have demonstrated Apple’s highest vision of a successful 21st century learning environment. The selection of Cathedral School as an Apple Distinguished School highlights our successes in enhancing and extending teaching and learning with thoughtful and innovative implementations of technology.

Schools nominated by Apple for designation as an Apple Distinguished School must demonstrate Apple’s highest vision of a successful 21st century learning environment, a strong relationship with Apple, and a willingness to do outreach activities.

The specific manifestations of these qualities include:

  • Visionary leadership.
  • Infrastructure that supports an Apple learning environment.
  • Engaging teaching and learning methods that capitalize on the qualities of today’s students who are mobile, collaborative, and creative.
  • One-to-one access to Apple portable computers and/or mobile devices for all students, teachers, and administrators
  • Ongoing professional development.
  • Systems to routinely collect quantitative evidence highlighting the success and sustainability of their academic programs.

Portland news agencies are taking note of Cathedral School’s focus on STEM as illustrated in this story which recently aired on KOIN Channel 6.  Technology at Cathedral School


Music classes are offered to grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, and are closely tied with liturgical preparation. During music class, students select and rehearse music for Mass and prayer services. Children in grades two through eight interested in furthering their music training and performance can participate in the Cathedral Children’s Choir that performs at school Masses and monthly parish family Masses.

Wendy Goodwin, Music
Mrs. Wendy Goodwin
Music Specialist

Mrs. Wendy Goodwin will begin teaching Music at Cathedral School in the fall of 2021. Mrs. Goodwin is a professional violinist with a bachelor’s degree in music from George Fox University, with a master’s degrees in music and teaching from Portland State University. Mrs. Goodwin has performed in national and international tours and extensive studio recording projects. Mrs. Goodwin has experience in choir directing as well as teaching private students, and college level lecture courses in music history, appreciation and theory. For the past three years Mrs. Goodwin has been teaching at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Mrs. Goodwin is also a Cathedral parent with four daughters enrolled at Cathedral School.


Recognizing a well-rounded Catholic education includes exposure to the discipline of learning a world language, an appreciation of diverse cultures, and development of a connection between faith and language, all Cathedral students in kindergarten through eighth grade study Spanish. Children in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade attend Spanish two times per week, often in small groups. In Middle School, Spanish is part of the core curriculum. The curriculum is tailored to each age group with each grade’s students progressively broadening their vocabulary and increasing the complexity of their language.

Communicative language use is a focus at every grade level with the youngest students learning to reply to simple questions and the middle school students engaging in full-length improvised conversations. The middle school curriculum is designed to give students a solid base in high school level Spanish 1. Many Cathedral School students are able to test into Spanish 2 in high school.

Throughout the school year, the connection between the Catholic Church and Spanish-speaking countries is explored through celebrating an annual prayer service in Spanish, honoring religious holidays important in Hispanic communities (such as the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe), and the learning and reciting of Catholic prayers in Spanish.

Shelby Walker, Spanish Ms. Walker Cathedral Private School Spanish Specialist
Ms. Shelby Walker
Spanish Specialist

Ms. Walker joined the Cathedral Staff as a Spanish Teacher in the fall of 2013. Before relocating to Portland, she taught Spanish to multiple grade levels at St. Andrews Episcopal School in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Mrs. Walker received her Bachelors of Arts with an emphasis in Spanish Language and Literature from Kalamazoo College. She received her Masters of Teaching from the University of Southern Mississippi.


Physical fitness, sportsmanship, and athletic skill all come together in the physical education program at Cathedral. Throughout the year, students learn and participate in a variety of different team sports with the goal of exposing students to sports they may pursue outside of school and fostering teamwork and cooperation between classmates. All the while, PE is a time where the fun of physical fitness is celebrated and encouraged. At Cathedral, all students are athletes and student achievement in physical education is measured based on effort, participation, skill growth, cooperation, and most importantly, sportsmanship.


Hedy Foley, P.E
Mrs. Hedy Foley
P.E. Specialist

Mrs. Hedy Foley will be joining the Cathedral School staff in the fall of 2021 as the middle school health and Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade P.E. teacher. Mrs. Foley has her bachelor’s degree in PE & Health from Gonzaga University where she played volleyball and her Masters of Education in PE and health from Concordia University. Mrs. Foley taught PE & health and was the athletic director at Holy Redeemer School as well as taught art at All Saints Catholic School. Mrs. Foley has coached numerous soccer, volleyball and basketball teams and is very excited to join the Cathedral community.


In art class, students experience a variety of media and techniques, from painting and drawing to three-dimensional work with papier-mâché and clay. Students are taught the basic elements of art and principles of design, and learn to incorporate these into their work. Students are introduced to a variety of artists and techniques ranging from old masters to pop art to cultural craft and design. Funds from Run for Cathedral and Cathedral’s donors make Cathedral School’s art program possible.

Each spring the Cathedral community gathers to celebrate the students’ achievement in art during the school year at our annual April in Paris(h) event. Cathedral’s gym is transformed into an art gallery where all students’ work is featured and displayed. Parishioners, parents, students, and friends of Cathedral are invited to stroll and linger in the gym-gallery. The evening also includes a parish-school community building dinner, along with an online auction featuring class projects, and more.

Nicole Selis, Art
Mrs. Nicole Selis
Art Specialist

Mrs. Nicole Selis joined the Cathedral School staff in the fall of 2020. She attended Catholic schools in her native Chicago before attending the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she received her degree in Architecture with a minor in Art History. She spent her final year of architecture school in France where she attended the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture in Versailles. She received her masters degree in design from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. She has worked for Wieden + Kennedy and as a freelance designer/artist. She is the mother of four children, and is excited to introduce Cathedral School students to art and its history along with graphic art, architecture and design.