St. Mary’s Cathedral pastor, Monsignor Patrick Brennan, has started a blog where he posts videos and prayers.

“I decided I would produce a brief daily video to keep in touch with parishioners: A Word from the Pastor in Time of Virus. I don’t know a thing about video, or vlogging, but I see a red button on my camera. I’ll give it a try . . . Keep healthy, and let’s be in touch. You are always in my thoughts and prayers!” – Msgr. Pat

You can find his blog at https://monsignorpat.com/in-time-of-virus-blog.html?fbclid=IwAR1f_bw74eR2h3yJrBV5fwFbM40TIu1RBootkjrEeePmHb4zw48X6ESWCX0



Cathedral School sends a HUGE shout out to our amazing teachers for putting together an incredible first week of digital learning. Thank you for your continued dedication to our students and Cathedral community.



At the request of Pope Francis, many Catholics worldwide united spiritually March 19th to pray the rosary simultaneously.

“…we ask God to take special care of our families, especially the sick and the people who are taking care of them: doctors, nurses, and volunteers, who risk their lives in this service.” – Pope Francis




Second Grade has been participating in our own March (Book) Madness. The challenge has been full of both blow-outs and a few nail biters as books face-off against each other. We started off with our Sweet 16 titles and have just finally narrowed it down to our elite 8. During our next read of each book, we will be focusing on vocabulary. Who will make it to the final four?