Second grade had a blast seeing their teacher, Ms. McCool, follow their procedures for how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As you can see, there is still some editing that had to be done to make the steps more clear! 



Cathedral School Sixth and seventh graders recently learned about the importance of mummifying to the ancient Egyptians, and had the opportunity to mimic the process themselves. Students worked together to mummify an orange using baking soda, salt, and cinnamon.



We are very proud of our Pre-K class for hosting their first Prayer Service for the whole school! Special thank you to their 4th grade buddies for all their help and being such great role models.

Every Wednesday a different grade leads the Prayer Service (or Mass) in St. Mary’s Cathedral for the entire school. It’s is a wonderful opportunity for them to showcase one of the Schoolwide Learning Expectations, “Be a Disciple of Christ” and demonstrate their knowledge of Catholic teaching and traditions. 🙏

PK prayer


Eighth graders built catapults and launched an object while filming it on their iPads. They used the videos to find the vertex of the object in flight. Then, they used the starting point, ending point, and vertex to model the flight with a quadratic equation.




❤️ our pre-k class! Making caterpillars with different colored tissue paper and glue.

Our pre-k program is so special at Cathedral. It establishes a solid foundation, leading to a positive educational experience for years to come. Their day is tailored to excite the seeds of faith, service and knowledge and crafted to nurture their individual talents and gifts.



Each grade at Cathedral School is paired with a buddy grade. Throughout the school year they do special projects together, sit at mass with each other and other fun adventures! The older buddies model our faith, knowledge and service message on a daily basis. It is an important relationship and one that creates lasting friendships while the child is at Cathedral and beyond.

Fifth graders worked with their first grade buddies to type personal narratives to publish.