St. Mary’s Cathedral pastor, Monsignor Patrick Brennan, has started a blog where he posts videos and prayers.

“I decided I would produce a brief daily video to keep in touch with parishioners: A Word from the Pastor in Time of Virus. I don’t know a thing about video, or vlogging, but I see a red button on my camera. I’ll give it a try . . . Keep healthy, and let’s be in touch. You are always in my thoughts and prayers!” – Msgr. Pat

You can find his blog at https://monsignorpat.com/in-time-of-virus-blog.html?fbclid=IwAR1f_bw74eR2h3yJrBV5fwFbM40TIu1RBootkjrEeePmHb4zw48X6ESWCX0