Cathedral is Blooming Tomorrow Night!

This Saturday’s the auction; it’s almost here,

the culmination of hard work that’s taken a year!

Christy and Dee and all of their crew,

have created a fabulous event…just for you!

Cathedral is Blooming is this year’s theme,

and a peek at the catalog shows it will be supreme.

For the parents and staff and their family and friends

have donated so much….the list never ends!

We have trips, and group dinners, golfing, the zoo,

parties, and shopping, overnight stays for two!

Come ready to bid on an item or four,

and up for excitement, ‘cause we’ve got lots in store!

Come enjoy a great dinner, good company (the best!),

the bidding, the slide show, and all of the rest.

We’ll see you on Saturday, five-o’clock – don’t be late!

We’re happy you’ve chosen to make it a date!


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